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Exploring the Essence of Sacred Geometry with Visionary Artist Michael R. Evans
This show felt so important to me, as I am totally into not only "Sacred Geometry," but also the thought that the shape known as the "All-Seeing Eye" must be something very important. This almond-shaped object has haunted humanity for thousands of years, and shows up in different cultures as the Eye of Horus, the Eye of God, even the Icthus fish related to Christianity. In this episode, visionary artist and sculptor Michael R. Evans sheds some light on the essence of this elemental shape, which is an actual 3-D form that he calls the "Trion Re." His work and theories are truly mind-expanding, and if you are into sacred geometry and "The Flower of Life" you will love this show! Cohost Analee Scott brings her usual youthful exuberance and confoundingly deep insight to the conversation
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Michael R Evans Presentation to The 17th Annual Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA)

Scientific Conference Offers Public Day with Experiments, Displays, Speakers Challenging Mainstream Ideas

A day of scientific inquiry and challenges to such theories as Einstein's theory of relativity, the Bernoulli Effect, and plate tectonics are offered for public scrutiny for the first time by the Natural Philosophy Alliance, a worldwide scientific organization.

Long Beach, California, May 26, 2010 – The 17th Annual Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) held its first Public Science Day on Saturday June 26, 2010 at the UC Long Beach Pyramid Pointe Conference Center from 9 am to 6 pm during its 4-day conference starting June 23 at Cal State Long Beach. Independent scientists from around the world were on hand for a day of experiments, demonstrations, thought provoking lectures, and comradery. Experiments and demonstrations included the growing earth, a refutation of special relativity, a refutation of the Bernoulli Effect, and how GPS in fact does not use relativity to name a few. The public day was part of a 4-day scientific conference which challenges mainstream ideas on such topics as relativity, cosmology, and physics.

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Published on Dec 21, 2014
"THE SPACE BETWEEN" A documentary on the work of Michael R. Evans directed by Zoe Sandoval. UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

The Trion-Re' is a fundamental structural unit of 3-D space on the basis of which a new geometry of 3-D space can be built: namely, the 3-D space in which no straight lines exist. To account for the curvature of space, this modification shifts the rules for a platonic solid, making the Trion-Re' the sixth such regular solid and a unique structure of space/time. Traditionally, there are five Platonic Solids with congruent angles and equal, flat faces. However, we must modify the rule and include curved surfaces; in which case a new solid emerges more rudimentary than the tetrahedron. Henceforth called the Trion-Re', this new solid is described as follows: 2-vertices, 3-flexible edges, 3-equal faces, an inside and an outside and spin ability. The Trion-Re' can be used to generate new versions of the other five Platonic Solids

View the videos below to see this theory illustrated in 3-d animation.


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